Customized Success Strategies

Are you in your twenties or early thirties? Do you think you’re in the wrong job or field? Are you looking for a new job but are having trouble finding one? Do you have goals that are unfulfilled or seem unattainable? Are you feeling frustrated? Stuck? Overwhelmed? Stressed out? Unsure? You are not alone.

In the book “The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter – and how to make the most of them now,” author Meg Jay, PhD, writes:

“There are fifty million twentysomethings in the United States, most of whom are living with a staggering, unprecedented amount of uncertainty. Many have no idea what they will be doing, where they will be living…in two years or even ten years…”

In the book “Quarterlife Crisis – the Unique Challenges of Life in your Twenties,” Authors Robbins and Wilner talk about what it’s like for you in the “real world”:

“…There is not a definitive way to get from Point A to Point B, regardless of whether the points are related to a career, a financial situation, home or social life… the resulting overwhelming senses of helplessness and cluelessness, of indecision and apprehension, make up the real and common experience we call the quarterlife crisis…”

Dr. Jay explains why your twenties matter:

“…it’s a pivotal time when the things we do – and the things we don’t do – will have an enormous effect across years… Claim your adulthood. Be intentional… Make your own certainty. Don’t be defined by what you didn’t know or didn’t do. You are deciding your life right now”

Move from problems to solutions with “What Next.”

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