You are not alone – a lot of people your age are faced with issues, concerns, and “blocks.” Many are listed here. Which of these statements are true for you? Select all that apply.

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Which of these are true? 


My life is chaotic and out of control

I have no time for the things I really want to do

I have interpersonal conflicts in my workplace or at home

My home/and or office environment is cluttered and not conducive to good work

I have trouble seeing myself doing anything else with my life

I pride myself on my position

I feel my position gives me approval and admiration from people around me

I feel what I do reflects positively on my family and people around me

I have a list of fears and reasons why I can’t make a change right now

I perceive negative consequences to making any radical change now

Money fears are a major consideration in my thinking now

I question my ability to do anything else

I feel lost and off-track, but can’t really say specifically what the problem is

I had or have a dream or dreams I have yet to fulfill

There are things I used to enjoy that I don’t get to do now

I have a hobby or volunteer interest that I wonder about making into a career

I have a repeating pattern of failures or mishaps in my work and/or relationships.

I want to do something more meaningful or feel like life has more meaning for me

People are always telling me I should do or be x,y,z, but I never really feel motivated to move on it

I am not necessarily aware of the impact I have on people and on my community

I wish I knew how I and/or my work fit into the grand scheme of things

I often long to know how I can make a difference

I have ideas about what I’d like to do, but I’m not sure how to go about them

I am not exactly sure what would make a job or role satisfying for me

I vacillate between a few future possibilities but have yet to decide

I am not sure if I can find something to do that fits my values

I want to be certain before I make a move that it will work out

I dread looking at my money situation

I live beyond my means

I have a budget

I want to make a change but I am convinced it would mean a step backwards financially

I cannot make my ends meet

I am a realist

I avoid any plans that are not logical

I tend to need external proof before trusting someone or something

I take on new ideas slowly

I tend to do more for people around me than they do for me

I find it hard to ask for help

I often drop what I am doing if someone else needs my help

I wish I had more of a professional and personal network to tap into

There are people in my life who doubt me or think I am crazy to make a change

I have no plan for transitioning to something new

I find it hard to manage many projects at once

I tend to make progress on projects in spurts instead of being consistent

I tend to lose interest if I come up against roadblocks when I am executing a plan

I have a lot of ideas that I have done nothing about (projects, jobs, products, arts, etc.)

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Adapted from the book “Now What? ® 90 Days to a New Life Direction ”  by Laura Berman Fortgang.

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